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At Rebuilding Together Cleveland, you can find various collections of home designs you are looking for or if you're still unsure of what you want.

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Searching or planning for your perfect home? Or just decided that maybe it’s time to make that renovation and change of your house arrangements.

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we are dedicated to provide you up-to-date information on your home building needs and making sure that you can trust us to make your dream home into reality

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Our Mission

Rebuildingtogethercleveland.org is a construction company offering you high-quality workmanship for your home building engineering, architectural or design needs. Our main objective is to promise you a value, quality and safety work.  Our success in this industry over the years is reflected in our developed expertise and service in this field.

Initially, homeowners who decided to buy an old or new home will be filled with excitement and joy but it will be replaced sooner with  worries or stress when thinking of repairs and other costly construction maintenance. But, here at  Rebuildingtogethercleveland.org, you can truly enhance your life with your new home while saving money. Because we are not only your home builders but also your smart, savvy developers. We give insights, information and ways to help you cut back some expenses while constructing your new home.

We do research before starting the process like checking and making sure that the land on which the house will be built is fit for construction. For those with custom needs, builders also need to gather the essential permits from the local government to know the regulations, legalities and other areas that need to be inspected beforehand to ensure there are no problems met along the way.

  • Aside from the technical side, our team knows that we need to deal with our clients satisfactorily and they are briefed on how to face different client types, bear in mind the timetable agreed, negotiate conflicts, if any arise and then resolve issues. That’s our pledge; we go far beyond in your construction needs in order to build that quality and safe house.

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Below are lists of common questions which can help guide you on what to ask a potential custom home builder team:

The manpower/employees who are working on the project

Check the current and official job site

Number of projects completed

Are employees trained, insured and licensed?

Charge, and other things that possible it includes

Can you write me a rough estimate of the cost?

For the parts, materials – what will be the arrangement/fee

ETA on when the job will be finished

Policy on changing orders

What if the cost surpasses the stated budget?

List of things or other needed requirements I will provide

Some vital thoughts or anxieties you foresee with this work?

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Phone: (021) 332-112-222

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