The process of building a new home is tedious and can be an unpleasant experience. Good thing there are builders that can assist you in this process and get on the paper of what you like and want with the design and budget you can afford.

The questions below are great starting points before moving on with the project of your chosen home builder. This is in order to for you, as a homeowner, to understand the important steps in the process of constructing your new home. Since what you will undertake is a huge investment and we all want to make sure that we are partnering with a company who do their services ethically and fairly. There may be other questions that you have in mind, so feel free to ask them to your builder. If you feel that you need a second opinion or quote for your custom built home, get in touch with Meletis homes –

Are you licensed and have insurance?

It is required that builders who do service for a certain fee to be licensed. Licensed home builders also carry an insurance, which will cover you if work becomes faulty, incomplete, or the builder suddenly vanishes or went bankrupt.

Consumer experience

This is checking and getting their background information just like an applicant required by the employer some character references to recommend on the candidate’s character. You can get information like the names or contact numbers of their previous clients which can help put your mind in relax mode. Asking also for their sample work like testimonials or photos is the best way to see for yourself on how they work and deal with their customers.


Asking when they can possibly begin and about how long it will take to construct will give you an idea of when you will move in and start planning while the building process is still on-going.

Collection of home designs

This is essential to know in order for you to choose the design that you want and can then transform the standard design you have in your mind into your actual dream-come-true home. Click here for more information on custom home building projects.

That’s it! Aside from asking how much is the total cost, asking the above essential questions can help you make the correct decision and save you time, effort, money, and misunderstandings.